The objective of this blog are to complete an assignment for Digital and Mobile Communicaton (ITE 3563) subject. Since this semester theme is free/anything, i'll be talking about the most violent and controversial cases in Malaysia which is the the Mona Fandey case.

Maznah Ismail, better known as Mona Fandey

1.  To inform the young generations about the case
2.  To inform the background of victim and the criminals
3.  Who is the person in-charge of the case
4.  Chronology of the case
5.  Evidence
6.  Result of the trial.
7.  Effect to the society,
8.  Rumors 

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A book explaining how Mona Fandey practices her black magic
DUKUN, a film based on Mona Fandey case
Datuk Mazlan (In blue shirt)
Mohd Affandi
Mona Fandey
Tan Sri Zaman Khan
Datuk Mazlan bodies that was found under Mona Fandey house
How Datuk Mazlan was dismembered

Weapon used to kill Datuk Mazlan
Songkok and Magic stick that Mona Fandey offerd to Datuk Mazlan
KES-Mona Fandey (Documentary)


An exclusive interview with prison officer, Sergeant Azizah, hopes to dispel untrue interpretations and open up to Malaysians the true identity of the woman whom so many have come to fear.
The now 53-year-old woman revealed insights, which she felt was a sweet memory for her during the 30 years as a prison warden.
“I was on holiday at that time, but I had been earlier informed that Mona would be placed in the cell under my care in her last days. Her case was very much hyped about.
“I was terrified knowing I had to face Mona, I even asked for the ustaz to prepare some holy water.
“Mona’s last cell was the first in the row, which meant she would be the first person I had to pass through.
“On my first day back at work after my holidays, I heard a voice giving a ‘salam’ (greeting) the minute I walked in.
“I knew it came from Mona but I simply ignored her. Mona greeted me again the following days but I still ignored her.
“On the fourth day, I finally responded. Mona then told me she liked me the most among the other prison staff. When I asked her why? She said that it was intuition.
“Never did it cross my mind that a simple ‘salam’ would make me find a friend in Mona,” she claimed.
Azizah recalls how Mona was exceptionally fond of having conversations, and that there was never a dull moment in her company − telling stories about her children, ex-husband, her then husband, and sharing recipes among others.
She also shared that she was the only person that dared make eye contact with the woman who was often associated with 'dark powers', and that most staff would avoid tending to Mona fearing the ‘black magic’ she possesses.
Azizah (left) with Mona FandeyAzizah (left) with Mona Fandey“I call her ‘Aunty’ while she calls me ‘Miss Jah’. Believe it or not, Mona is actually a woman who consummates her prayers five times a day.
“That’s not all, she would not leave out the ‘sunat’ and ‘wirid’ prayers (optional prayers) and I hear her reciting the Quran on a daily basis, that even I personally feel impressed.
“I even asked her to recite the ‘wirid’ aloud just in case she recites it wrongly. I often hear Mona repeatedly saying ‘Subhanallah’ (Glorious is God).
“She is a very friendly woman who speaks politely and never once spoke ill of anyone. There were many prison staff who bad-mouthed Mona, yet she remained patient and positive, and never once retaliated.
“Mona loved sharing recipes with me. She said she likes putting ‘pandan’ leaves in her cooking because it would add a nice fragrant to the dishes. All I saw is a loving and sincere woman,” Azizah adds.
Azizah recollects stumbling upon articles in the newspapers of unbelievable stories about Mona − floating in her prison cell, reciting the first chapter of the surah in the Quran, Al-Fatihah (The Opener) in reverse, transporting herself out of her prison cell and on to Chow Kit street, among others.
To clarify these mystical stories, Azizah would ask Mona about the stories that she had read.
“I asked Mona to float as the report in the newspaper suggested she could do so. She would tell me ‘Are you crazy? I cannot make myself float!’
“I also asked her to recite the surah Al-Fatihah in reverse. She replied, ‘How is that possible when it is even difficult for me to say ‘Bismillah’ (In the Name of God) in reverse.’
“The most interesting part was when I asked if she really did transport herself to Chow Kit street, she answered: ‘Why would I go to Chow Kit if I could transport myself? I would rather go home and not live in a prison cell.’
“She was right for a fact. Why would anyone who possess powers to escape a prison cell go to Chow Kit street anyway?,” Azizah amusingly chuckled.
The Faithful Wife
Azizah turned silent for a moment before resuming her story. She then admits that there is a story behind the murder case that the public is not aware of, aside for maybe only those who were involved in the trial. 
She confesses that Mona had often convinced her about actual events that occurred on the day the politician was found murdered, which she found hard to believe, at first.
However, in due course Mona succeeded in proving to Azizah that she was not lying as the facts she laid out in prison were consistent with the ones she laid out in court. There were no aversions in her story, neither her facts. 
Mona was not the prime suspect in the murder trial but the third accused person (OKT3), while the real perpetrator of the case was Mona’s husband, Affandi (OKT1) and his personal assistant, Juraimi (OKT2).
In fact, on the day of the incident, Mona merely received instructions to pick flowers for the flower bath ritual of the victim.
Azizah went on to explain further details of the ritual that led to the tragic murder, which will not be disclosed with due respect to both families.
She described how Juraimi detailed the scene in court, and spoke of how Mona remained calm throughout the trial.
“Throughout the entire trial, Mona requested for only me to accompany her, and not the other officers.
“Because of this, my right hand was handcuffed with Mona’s left hand everywhere she went. Mona has pleaded not guilty in the murder trial and the court granted her release.
“But Mona had given an ultimatum should she be granted release, she pleaded for her husband, Affandi to also be released. And if he were to be hanged, she would rather share the same fate as him.
“Mona’s advocates had also persuaded her to accept the release, but she refused without the joint release. That was her choice.
“She chose to be with her husband. I witnessed how Mona was a very good wife who truly loved Affandi. To be honest, for as long as I took care of her in that cell, there was nothing bad about her.
I remember one story where the person who bathe Mona's corpse after her sentence said she did not find a single flaw on her body and that it was in excellent condition. Her body was clean and easy to manage,” she relayed the incident to us.
Azizah also recounts an interesting fact whereby Mona’s ex-husband, who also happens to be a policeman, never missed attending a single trial of his ex-wife, which led her to approach him.
His touching remark of Mona was: “Mona does not even have the heart to kill an ant. She even cries when weeding a fish, what more kill a man?”
Mona’s children who were always present in court, in support of their mother also claimed, they knew her best and who she truly was. Azizah said that proved how Mona was a good mother who succeeded in bringing up her children with high morals and values.
They remained faithful to their mother until her death sentence, and have swallowed every stigma the society had against her until this very day.
A wife who sacrificed her freedom for the love of her husband, Mona chose to be with Affandi till death did them part.


1. Mona Fandey claimed to be a descendant of king, former water ballet dancer, an entrepreneur, a practicing mysticism, recording artists and practitioners of black magic.

2. As practitioners of psychotherapy she had offered her services through Ambang Kurnia Sdn Bhd where she produces traditional medical products labeled "Cahaya Mona Fandey".

3. Mona Fandey power in black magic was said beyond normal practice. He can mesmerize, can fly in the air, can be turned face and can live without food. It's warned that there will be difficult for Mona Fandey to be arrested let alone serving her sentence.

4. At the peak of her career as an entrepreneur and practicing mysticism it is said to have owned lots of luxury Mercedes Benz, BMW, Honda Prelude and a number of four-wheel drive.

5. She is also said to have an island near Phuket with purchase at the price of RM 5.8 million. According to Mona she plans to turn the island into a casino with the help of partners from the United States and Europe.

6. As a recording artist, she has recorded an album of nine songs, under the auspices of her own record company.

7. It is said that while on her trial, the court was shocked by a mysterious duck like sound.

8. It is said that there was a big three nearby Mona Fandey house where no one could chop down and was rumored an unknown animal guarding it and could only be seen by certain people at night.

9. The reporter who interviewed Mona Fandey claimed that she had a nightmare about Mona Fandey and accidentally slammed her face on the floor while sleeping thus bleeding herself in the head.


While doing this assignment and making research of the case to find evidence or things related to it. I found out that Mona Fandey may not be the main culprit after all. In fact after some readings i might say that she may not know any plans of killing Datuk Mazlan at all.

Letting that aside, what i found on the impact of this case toward society are this case is the mark of the end of the believe in shamans. The Malay society often seeks shamans for help involving in getting rich, seeking for power and status. When Malaysia was shocked regarding the case, popularity on seeking help from shamans drops heavily and is considered almost none today.

The case also makes Malaysian think that politician would do anything for power. This is because Datuk Mazlan was the member of state assembly of Pahang and quite famous among people in the politic field for his strong will and courage.

After the case was closed, a book titled "Mona Fandey jadi isteri jin" was released. The book told the audience on how she uses black magic in daily basis. Not long after a movie titled "Dukun" was made and is based on Mona Fandey case.

Dukun, a movie based on Mona Fandey case

Mona black magic practices was explained in this book


Juraimi was first accused of the case, while Mohd Affandi was the second accused and the third was Mona Fandey. They were charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code read together with Section 34 of the Penal Code for murder Mazlan.

They were found guilty on 9 February 1995 by the High Court of Waterville and sentenced to death.

The murder is believed to be patterned by money because a few hours before Mazlan dismembered, the couple persuaded him to withdraw cash from a bank almost RM300,000 for the reason that Mazlan could double the amount after some rituals was done.

The money is then used to buy a Mercedes Benz 280 with the price of RM125,000 and RM10,500 for mobile phones by cash. They also bought jewelery worth almost RM40,000 other electrical equipment and furniture (RM20,000).

Mona also had plastic surgery costing more than RM13,000 on July 15, 1993.

July 13, 1993: juraimi Dong was detained at the police station after being suspected of taking drugs and then detained at the police station Raub.

July 18, 1993: After two weeks Mazlan was failed to be detected, the UMNO  division of  Raub lodged a police report at the police station Raub's disappearance.

July 19, 1993: Police launch an investigation into the disappearance of Mazlan. Juraimi brought the police to a house in Ulu Dong and the police found a videotape, photograph album, newspaper clippings and certificates of shares owned by Mazlan.

July 20, 1993: About 11.45pm, Mohd Affandi and Mona was arrested at a house in Jalan 2 / 27C Section 5, Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur.

July 21, 1993: Mohd Affandi was taken to the police station Raub.

July 23, 1993: Mazlan's body was found in a house in the village of Lowland Dong, Ulu Dong, Pahang Raub. His body was cut into 18 parts embedded in the storeroom.

1 August 1993: Remaining of three siblings were found in two places in Terengganu, which were almost the same with the murder of Mazlan.

August 10, 1993: Police get a remand order against Mohd Affandi, Mona and juraimi until Aug. 16 to assist police investigations into the murder of a woman, Fatimah Mohamad, 32.

August 15, 1993: Police found several human body parts in the house that once inhabited by the shaman pair Mohd Affandi and Mona in Kampung Nelayan, Teluk Gong, Klang.

August 17, 1993: Police received court orders that the shamans pair and Juraimi detained in Pudu and Cheras.

October 26, 1993: Preliminary investigation of murder cases starts in the Magistrate's Court of Raub.

December 18, 1993: Raub Magistrates Court ordered the case went to the High Court for trial on charges of killing.

3 September 1994: Mohd Affandi and Mona were faced before the High Court with charges of killing Batu Talam state assemblyman Datuk Mazlan Idris.

12 September 1994: Mazlan murder trial starts in the High Court seeking. Juraimi, Mohd Affandi and Mona pleaded not guilty to charges of common intention to kill Mazlan.

9 February 1995: High Court sentenced Mohd Affandi, Mona and Juraimi to death by hanging for murdering Mazlan.

February 10, 1995: Mohd Affandi, Mona and Juraimi who were found guilty of murdering Datuk Mazlan, sent to Kajang Prison.

Between February 16, 1995 until October 20, 1997: Mohd Affandi, Mona and Juraimi filed a notice of appeal at the High Court and Court of Appeal Waterville.

October 24, 1997: Court of Appeal judge Datuk Gopal Sri Ram, Datuk Abdul Malek Ahmad and Datuk Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim rejected their appeal.

2 November 2001: 5:59 am, Mona Fandey, Mohd Affandi and Juraimi hanged simultaneously at the Kajang Prison.

Mona and her husband, Affandi were burried in Tanah Perkuburan Ahli-ahli Kariah Masjid Kajang at Kampung Sungai Kantan, Kajang. While their assistance, Juraimi was burried at his home town, Kampung Telok Gong, Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor.


Name: Mohd Zaman Khan Rahim Khan
Date of birth: 18 Jun 1938
Spouses: Rosnah Ahmad

He was, arguably, one of the most recognisable faces of the 80s. During his long tenure in the police force, especially, Tan Sri Zaman Khan Rahim Khan was at the centre of many a high-profile case, ranging from the wickedly interesting manhunts for hardcore criminals Botak Chin and Bentong Kali to that poignant moment at Highland Towers as he held on to a baby dug out from the rubble on that fateful day that shook the nation and of course he also handle the Mona Fandey case. He was a colourful character, and known for being tenacious.

List of famous cases handled:

AIA Tower captivity by the Japanese Red Army in 1975

- The arrest of the head of the pirates, Wong Swee Chin, better known as Botak Chin eventually die at the gallows of Pudu Prison (1976)

- Robbery at Bank of Tokyo involving gang M-16 (1985)

- Doctors and laboratory technicians were taken hostage by prisoners at Pudu Prison (1986)

- Brutal killer, robbers and drug traffickers most wanted, Kalimuthu Pakirisamy or Bentong Kali, was shot dead in Medan Damansara (1993)

- The murder of Batu Talam state assemblyman, Pahang, Datuk Mohd Mazlan Idris by Mona Fandey shaman, her husband, Mohd Affandi Abdul Rahman and assistant, juraimi Husin (1993)

- While still holding the post of Director of CID, name Zaman Khan led a mission of investigation ruins of the Highland Tower tragedy in Taman Hillview, Hulu Klang on 11 December 1993 when he was among the earliest senior police officer arrived at the scene.

The Victim

Datuk Mazlan Idris wearing blue shirt

Name: Mazlan Idris
Position: Member of state assembly of Pahang
Political party: UMNO
Date of death: 2 July 1993

The Criminals

Name: Maznah Ismail or better known as Mona Fandey
Date of birth: 1 July 1956
Date of death: 2 November 2001 (age 45)
Spouses: Mohd Affandi Abdul Rahman
Last meal: KFC

Name: Mohd Affandi Abdul Rahman
Date of birth: 1957
Date of death: 2 November 2001 (age 44)
Spouses: Mona Fandey
Last meal: KFC

Name: Mohd Juraimi Husin
Date of birth: 1970
Date of death: 2 November 2001 (age 31)
Spouses: -
Last meal: KFC

Assalamualaikum I bid to one and all. Welcome to my blog. I am Ahmad Faris Hakim Bin Ahmad Halimi, a semester 5 student in Diploma English in Communication has been assigned to complete an assignment for Digital & Mobile Communication (ITE 3563) subject. This semester theme is free/anything. So i decided to write about the most controversial criminal cases in Malaysia which is the Mona Fandey case. The case involve brutal killing method and a politician as the victim which occured in the year 1993. Although this case is very famous among Malaysian, not many know much of it especially the younger generations.

Harian Metro 19 Ogos 1993